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The differences between CCTV and British media

This picture is drawn and edited by myself.
CCTV is China Central Television. My course is media management; usually I would like pay more attention on journalism. I have found there are some differences between China Central Television and British media, like BBC.
For example:
After food poisoning incident:
British media probably will say, Government should self-reflect, intensify supervision, they can not shirk its responsibility.
CCTV will say, citizens should improve the ability of identifying the counterfeit goods, and do not buy expired food
After seized a corrupt official, and recovered the money:
British media probably will say, it shows there are still loopholes in the supervise system.
CCTV will say, supervisory authority detect problems, and recover the huge losses.
After coal mine collapse or explosion:
British media probably will say the official of government security has resigned.
CCTV will say accidents caused high attention of the leader of security authority; we must investigate legal responsibilities of the relevant people.
After the farmers do not enough money to go to hospital:
British media probably will say the approval rate of relevant officials has been reduced, outcry among the public.
CCTV will say the relevant officials go to the countryside to see the farmers; they are the people’s good public servants.
There are both good things and bad things all in British media’s report.
There are only good things in CCTV.
There are not too much news about education and health care in British media’s report, but the education and health system are considerate.
There is too much news about education and health care in CCTV, but there are still too much people do not have enough money to go to school or hospital.
Appearances of British media office are simple, but the news is practical.
An appearance of CCTV office is huge, but we all can guess the result of the news.


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Hongkong impression

This video is made by myself.
Hong Kong is the economic centre of Asia, also Hong Kong is the special administrative region in China, China is Socialism and Hong Kong is capitalism, compare with the main land, Hong Kong is more free.

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Different kind of Earthquake donations

Disasters bring everyone in extreme pain, disasters do not have love, but people have love. So after the disaster, other people should do something to help the affected people, after the earthquake in west of China, the China Central Television held a Fund-raising party, we can see from the evening party, many people made their contribution to the affected area. But, during part, there are still some inharmonious things.
Firstly, the final goals of some companies are not for the donation, actually is promoting themselves. They use a smart business plan to show their “selfless” love.
Then, some media made the donations list; the action gives much pressure to some companies. Furthermore, the internet users pay more attention on the donations list; they talked too much about the number of donations from someone or some companies.
In my opinion, social responsibility is not charity. In the earthquake disaster, we can see a lot of corporations’ contributions, it is their social responsibility. The donation should be honesty; they do not hype themselves based on the charity. Do not contribute because of advertising effect. No matter how much the number of contributions, this time we need sincerity, need love.

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A famous city in China, Xi’an

This video is made by myself.
The pictures have got the permission, took by Susan.
Xi’an is the capital of Shanxi province, today;
Xi’an was teh capital of Qin Dynasty.
This city have both Ancient culture and modern culture;
This city has a long history.

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Frequent disasters test Charity system

Recent years, the natural disasters happened very frequently in China; for example, the snow disaster, the damaged earthquake, the serious drought. So these disasters asked this country must have a good charity system.
The earthquake happened in Qinghai province few days ago, after that, government do not want to launch a national donation. Because Qinghai province near by Tibet, so it has a high altitude, it is difficult to use some transportations.
Also, like the earthquake happened in Sichuan in 2008, after that, too much special funds for rebuilding the affected areas are used in different ways. So the Chinese charity agencies have not played an effective role. Transparent and efficient charitable organizations can make public have confidence on the charitable organisation. Charity should return to public one step by one step. When the disaster bring the trauma and huge economic losses to people, in the meantime, we probably look for the loopholes of the rescue and donation through the disaster, in order to explore a better system of modern charity, so that make modern charity improve a little, make the disaster losses reduce a little.

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An Interview about Beijing Impression

This video is made by myself.
This is a video about interviewing an English people who has been to Beijing and Shenzhen before. He thought the prices of transportation and food are cheap in Beijing.

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The Art-Gallery in Beijing named 798

This video is made by myself. also the first picture in this video is made by myself, the other pictures come from Susan, I have got her permission.
After the policy of opening and reform in China, the art culture has been developing in China quickly, there are some pictures about the art in this video. The place named 798.

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Our earth was turned on vibration?

Concerned about the Chinese charity by the earthquake
Two days ago, an earthquake happened in northwest of China. The Chinese action movie star Jet Li launched an emergency rescues plan by charity agency, the first relief materials have been sent to disaster area. Why did not donate these materials to the China Charity Federation? We do not know the reason, but we can see his organisation’s relief materials have been in the disaster area, the speed is fast.
It is a fact we have to say, there is not a law of charity in China; the implementation process of Charity is not enough transparent, also efficiency need to be improved; people are lack of charitable culture. And compare to developed countries, there still is a large gap. Most companies in China have not fulfilled the charitable obligations. Because of occupying more social resources, the rich have a stronger voice, but in think some rich people in China did not realize that. The strength of promoting the continuous development of charitable cultural includes both national policy and social support.

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The high speed train has low attendances

This mouth, a high speed railway line had to stop business. When these messages go into public eyes, undoubtedly, it sounded the alarm to the emerging high-speed train.
The high speed train is famous for the fast speed and comfortable, but now, with the high speed railway line quite to the transport market, we have to reflect on the reasons. The main reason is price of ticket is too expensive, out of the China’s situation. At the same time, the high speed train ticket pricing did not confer the right to public participation. The price of high speed train should be placed on a platform which most people can touch, so that active public participation.
Also, referencing to foreign experience is a good way. Like Japan, they have the high speed train many years ago, their national per capita income is higher, so the ticket price is high, but in China, the national per capita income is low, and the price is too high, definitely, there are not too many people by the high speed train. Apparently, controlling the price is a way to change this situation.

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Petitioners were sent to mental hospital by the police

This picture is edited and drawn by myself.

After The People’s Congress in this year, the topic about normal people’s dignity became so popular. Some officials did the bad things which are harmful to public; some officials use violent ways to demolish public’s house. These things are all got high concerns. However, nowadays, these things still happened.
In a not very big city of China, some workers from a company went to the higher authorities for help, because of the corruption issues, but during the Petition process, no one answer them, even more, petitioners were taken away by police, “the leaders” were detained; moreover, other two photographers who are not the petitioners are sent to the mental hospital by police.
When the police have a newly diagnosed mental illness qualified to judge the two photographers should be sent to a mental hospital? Also, taking photo is not violent; the people still need to send a mental hospital by the police directly?

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