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Concerned about the Chinese charity by the earthquake
Two days ago, an earthquake happened in northwest of China. The Chinese action movie star Jet Li launched an emergency rescues plan by charity agency, the first relief materials have been sent to disaster area. Why did not donate these materials to the China Charity Federation? We do not know the reason, but we can see his organisation’s relief materials have been in the disaster area, the speed is fast.
It is a fact we have to say, there is not a law of charity in China; the implementation process of Charity is not enough transparent, also efficiency need to be improved; people are lack of charitable culture. And compare to developed countries, there still is a large gap. Most companies in China have not fulfilled the charitable obligations. Because of occupying more social resources, the rich have a stronger voice, but in think some rich people in China did not realize that. The strength of promoting the continuous development of charitable cultural includes both national policy and social support.


April 16, 2010 Posted by | Disasters, Journalism | 5 Comments