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Give our rural migrant workers some substantial policies

After Chinese New Year, some processing enterprises in coastal areas in China can not get works. Because of price inflation, the Migrant workers’ wages have not increased. One company came up with an idea; they provide a sweepstakes for their staff in order to attract them. The outstanding winners are definitely tempting, but the opportunity is too small for the thousands of employees. The bosses are usually calculative; they do not want to raise salary instead of providing some prizes. In the final analysis, their purpose is saving cost, and getting maximum profits.

The excitement of lottery is temporarily, after all, the salary decides the appeal of jobs. Rural migrant workers need real treatment, the relevant department help migrant workers solve problems should be targeted. Appropriate wages, basic civil rights, equality and social security are the current problems. The local government should act to implement its commitment to the rights of migrant workers, and encourages the enterprises to implement their rights, finally, promoting social fairness and justice.


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“Litter is a misplaced resource”

I have got the permission, it took by Susan, it was edited by me.
Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important. Our traditional economy is one-way mode, so it results in the deterioration of our environment, fewer and fewer resources, more and more pollutants, over time it must become the environment crisis. Now, the Chinese government ought to advocate the circular economy, it is a way about there is no waste; the waste will become renewable resource, recycled products.

The garbage disposal in China, the only way out is classification and recovery. Mentioned a difficulty in here, when we talk about the garbage classification, some government officials thought it is difficult to do. In my opinion, there are two real difficulties; one is the technical difficulties, processing technology, and the other is cost. Actually, the garbage disposal has been placed in secondary position of the government’s public service. Perhaps the officer will pay attention on it until the dustbins in which the offices become the time bomb, I joked. Today, I think it has become a time bomb; it has aroused people’s attention. The key thing is improving the environmental awareness.

I heard some volunteers are studying how to separate garbage, recycle garbage, they are promising, but they still have some problems, they do not have enough money, they need government’s aid. In today, the water, air and soil are completely different from the past, it is necessary to enhance environmental awareness and improve environmental concepts for everyone. There is only one earth, there is only atmosphere. Using the new concept of environment development protects our environment.

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Is it necessary to cost 280 million pounds?

I have got the permission, it took by Zhang Zhikun, it was edited by me.
The Massive Earthquake happened in China in 2008, which damaged almost everything in the places. After that, the local government made a plan about rebuilding an archaized architecture.

Normally, there is no reason to blame on maintaining historical and cultural monuments, or protecting historical and cultural heritage. But, the problem is 280 million pounds are not a small sum of investment, is it worth? For the post-disaster reconstruction, especially infrastructure, human development, all need financial input. On the one hand, it is too early to create “the ancient city” with 280 million pounds. The other hand, for the study, real thing is the fundamental; the archaized architecture does not have too much meaning. Moreover, there are still many things can not be rebuilt, like the culture elements.

So, the local government ought to go through all-side, do not be dizzy by the immediate interests. It is more meaningful to put the huge amounts of money in the development of people’s livelihood and well-being than the reconstruction of an antique city.

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Life Education is the eternal theme of education in China

I have got the permission, the picture is from Susan, it was edited by me.
In China, people always said: “Children are the flowers in this country.” Today, in the abnormal mortality of Chinese children, suicide rates are increasing, so the life education ought to be the required course for children. There is a city in China, the local Education Bureau decided to put the life education in teaching class, the aim is making sure the content will influence the students. Knowing death before understanding life. For the children in today, if they do not understand the value of their life, their ideality also will lose the most important precondition. Furthermore, in the face of pressure and frustration, they are unable to bear the weight of life, “they do not afraid of death.”

Why? Tracing to the source, parents and teachers all overlook the most fundamental issue, which is education of loving life. They usually ask children to work hard, they deprive children’s childhood, most of them only pay attention to the studying, they forget the cruel society is waiting for their children, they forget their children need a brave heart to grow, they forget to tell their children the life is colourful. Meanwhile, the education system is too hard for children. The children are bud; we should give them appropriate sunshine in order to make them thrive.

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Hallelujah Mountain in Avatar lived, but Chinese culture is dead.

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The movie “Avatar” has created a miracle of the box-office in the world. People in different countries are all shocked by this incredible film. The original elements of Pandora’s Plant in Avatar came from a place named Zhang Jiajie in China. After a global hit, the Hallelujah Mountain has been in many audiences’ mind deeply, so the local government changed the mountain’s name to Hallelujah Mountain. Afterwards, many Chinese people do not agree with it, they thought this mountain is in China, it has had a very good name, why did the government change a foreign name, and made it lost Chinese style. But the government has their opinion, they thought the Hallelujah Mountain not only belongs to China, it also belongs to our world, so its name should be internationalization. And then their said: “the Pandora’s Plant is so far from us, but the Hallelujah Mountain is close by us, welcome to visit the Hallelujah Mountain in Zhang Jiajie.”

We can see the purpose is clearly, selling Zhang Jiajie based on Avatar. Most people think we should protect our national character. “Why did not the government change the city become Avatar city and the mayor change name to Avatar?” Some people taunted.  

If there is no protective screen in our mind, then another civilization will direct to our heart, and touch soul increasingly. Today, Avatar become popular, we changed the name; one day, the other thing will be popular, should we change name again?  

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No choice for donation

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There are more than 2,000 teachers in a city of China have to use their salary as donation. The local government organizes teachers to contribute the donation, and use it to help the people in financial difficulties, this purpose is good, but the process can not be adopted. Some people need help; the whole society should provide assistance. The government helps the people in difficult, they just like a bridge; they can not ask the teachers to donate by the power.

Actually, government has many ways to help the needy people. Government can improve the social security system, and expand the protecting coverage. Through this system, the fundamental rights of people in financial difficulties to be guaranteed. But some local government does not want to spend money on this, also they do not know how to establish non-governmental charitable organization, so they use to make a fund-raising system, and ask the people to donate. Today, charities have a common feature that is voluntary principle. Only this charitable based on voluntary can develop a philanthropic culture.

We know, the government has many places to use money, but helping the needy people is a government’s duty. Sometime, behind the donation, it really is naked power and force.

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Have a safe trip to home

Chinese New Year is approaching, there are one million Chinese farmers go back to home by motorcycles. These farmers from different places in China, they work in Guangdong province. I think most people will be moved. This strength is from missing home, their families are waiting for them, because during the 365 days of one year, most time they are busy running about making money, the purpose is enjoying these few days.

 They tired of the city’s hullabaloo, they just want to go back home, and enjoy the happy from family love. Their lives in city are really difficult, normal people can not image that. When we only know this reason, we can understand how difficult the 1 million famers are. There is a kind of insistence in their blood; a force can defeat any troubles. When they in the cold winner by motorcycles, it is not romance, it is helpless. The carrying capacity of trains and cars is not sufficient to fully play the aspirations of the people’s returning home. There are not enough train tickets for them during this special time. Perhaps, we can not remember each face of them, but we can understand these people’s aspiration.

The story from their experience wake up the government and citizen, do not forget the farmers, they are the fundamental element of our country, we should care more about them, the society would be greater. 

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Train tickets become real name system. Who facilitated?

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Recently, there are some large train stations in China start checking real name train tickets. The reason of launching this policy is going to stop the ticket scalper. But, during the probation, is it useful? There are still many concerns about this policy. For example, operational costs are rising; the passengers will wait for a long time; if the passengers forget their ID card, how can they do? And the most important thing is during the probation, many people still can not obtain their tickets. Because there are still some pertinacious ticket scalpers in many train stations, they have close relationship with station staff, so they understand how the tickets are going on.

The root cause is improving railway services and internal management level. Relevant departments attach importance to how to find the behind operator and block their way. Also increasing transparency and openness is necessary to resolve the problem of buying tickets.

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Behind the changing stationmaster

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The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the west. So before the Spring Festival, most Chinese will go back to their hometown, because the large population, this period time will be the most difficult days for China’s national Railways Bureau.

 The Guangdong province in China has the largest floating population; there is a controversial issue happened in a railway station of this province. Maybe, some foreign people do not know the windows of some trains can be opened in China, and that day, the train stopped just for 4 minutes, but there are more than 1500 passengers, so the trainmen helped some passengers to get in the train from windows. After this, the pictures about this phenomenon appeared on internet and become very popular, unfortunately the stationmaster was removed.

 This is about human nature challenge the system. Most net friends thought this treatment is unfair to the stationmaster. It is really not easy to get on the train during this special time, the trainmen help the passengers is reasonable. But the Superior Organization thought that was very dangerous, this picture reflected the preparatory work was not good enough.

 Even you have the ticket; you still can not get in the train. Actually, it is not as easy as we see, it is the problem of the system, changing the stationmaster can not change this situation; the important thing is how to give passengers enough time to get in the train. The leaders probably are very sensitive to the public opinion, when they saw the news on internet they immediately feel nervous, however they do not very care about there are many passengers get in the train from windows every year. This image tell us, the way of thousands of passengers going back home is so difficult.

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Protect our Journalist

Recent years, more and more cities in China are popular establishing civilized cities. But, there are still some uncivilized conducts. For example, one of the cities’ government officers assaulted the journalists. As a product of modern industrial civilization, the mass media has constituted an important social force in this modern society and it has a unique advantage in reflecting the national conditions. The officers want to understand people, the media is an important, and they can not suppress by the power, especially for beating journalists, which really is shame on the local government.

Behind the beating of journalists, social equity and justice are under threat. Public opinion is an indispensable form of supervision in the whole community. It is not the only responsibility for journalists to resolve the plight of supervision; all society should work for it.

The basic theory is people through the media to dominate the government, not the Government, through the media to dominate the people. Use public opinion to supervise and restraint authority, China still has a long way to go.

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