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This picture was edited by myself, also I drew the cartoon.
Because of they are farmers, they can not feed his family just relying on farmland, so they go to cities for making money, and people call them migrant workers.
Because they do not have knowledge, they can not find an easy job in cities, so they have to do a number of difficult and dangerous manual labours, use their pair of hands, and make a large number of high buildings in cities.
The migrant workers do not have healthy insurance; even more, they do not know where they are going to claim after hurting. They are looked down by some citizens, but they are honest, they are great, they are not sophisticate, but they really need money.
When you are playing computers in the office, they probably are working hard under the sun, making more money to buy few books for their child. They usually choose the cheapest restaurant in the cities, there is one destination which is saving money for their family.
The disabled migrant worker is customer, so conductor should serve kindly, what rights have you to trample the man’s dignity. Like the old man’s phrase, “You’re not a human being!” It’s not because you do not have human card, you also do not have conscience. A person who has lost conscience, then he is unworthy to be a human.
When we discuss the natural disasters, the first affected areas must be rural area. After the dust storm, some villages have been submerged; during the drought, first is the people who live in villages lack of water; the healthy insurance universal, there are still some farmers can not touch that; if they get ill, most of them do not want to go to hospital, because they do not have enough money to pay the high price medical fees; when they come the cities, they have to suffer the discrimination. Nowadays, the citizens’ lives have become quite good, so could the local governments divert their attention on the farmers lives? Also the citizens should do something to help these people. I always see some drivers park their car on the sidewalk for the blind, these issues indicate that there are still lots of problems in our society, so each one devotes a little love, this society will be harmony.


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Short story reflects a big problem in real society

This picture was edited by myself, also I drew the cartoon.
On a train, a young conductor stared at a middle-age man looks like a migrant labourer and said loudly: “check ticket.” The man rummaged all pockets; finally, he found his ticket and pinched in his hand. The conductor looked at him and smiled strangely, said: “this is a children’s ticket.” The man held in reddening, whispered: “the tickets prices of children are as same as disabilities.” The conductor looked at the man and asked: “are you disabled?” “Yes, I am disabled.” The man said. “Show me your disability card.” The conductor said. The man felt nervous, and said: “sorry, I do not have a disability card, when I bought the ticket, the conductor asked me to show the disability card, I have no choice, so I bought a children ticket.”
The young conductor sneer a bit: “no disability card, how can I know you are a disabled person?”
The man did not say anything, just took off his shoe, and rolled up his trousers; he has only half a foot. The conductor looked askance and said: “I just need the card!” the man look flurried, explained: “I live in countryside; the city council did not permit my application. Moreover, I do not have enough money to go to hospital for evaluation.” Few minutes later, the conductor impatiently said: “we just recognize the disability card. If you have the card, no problem you are disabled, without the card, you should buy a normal ticket.” The man became withered, he only has little money, and it is not enough to buy a normal ticket. He beseeched with a tearful voice: “I really do not have other money, these money which I bought the children ticket is from my friends’ help, please let me go!” the conductor said firmly: “no way.”
There is an old man beside this conductor felt angry, he stood up and stared at the conductor’s eyes, said: “are you a man?” the conductor felt puzzled, said: “are there any problems about I am man.” “You just tell me, are you a man?” “Yes, I am definitely a man!” “But, how can you prove you are a man? Show us your man card.” The passengers around were all laughing. The conductor hesitated in giving a reply: “I am a man stand on here, do you want say I am fake?” the old man shook his head and said: “I am similar to you, if you have man card you are a man, if you do not have it, you are not, I just need your man card.” The conductor could not think of any words to deal with. Then, the old man said with a smile: “OK, can you show me your human card?” once again, laughter filled the passengers. There is only one people did not laugh, he is the disable man, he looked all of this happened in front of him, we do not when, his eyes filled with tears, we also do not know, the tears are wronged, thankful or angry.
After reading this story, what do you think? Do you feel angry or other feelings? I think at least, we should learn respecting disable person and migrant workers from this story. They really need the help from this society, please give them more concerns, no matter the government or normal people.

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Give our rural migrant workers some substantial policies

After Chinese New Year, some processing enterprises in coastal areas in China can not get works. Because of price inflation, the Migrant workers’ wages have not increased. One company came up with an idea; they provide a sweepstakes for their staff in order to attract them. The outstanding winners are definitely tempting, but the opportunity is too small for the thousands of employees. The bosses are usually calculative; they do not want to raise salary instead of providing some prizes. In the final analysis, their purpose is saving cost, and getting maximum profits.

The excitement of lottery is temporarily, after all, the salary decides the appeal of jobs. Rural migrant workers need real treatment, the relevant department help migrant workers solve problems should be targeted. Appropriate wages, basic civil rights, equality and social security are the current problems. The local government should act to implement its commitment to the rights of migrant workers, and encourages the enterprises to implement their rights, finally, promoting social fairness and justice.

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