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The high speed train has low attendances

This mouth, a high speed railway line had to stop business. When these messages go into public eyes, undoubtedly, it sounded the alarm to the emerging high-speed train.
The high speed train is famous for the fast speed and comfortable, but now, with the high speed railway line quite to the transport market, we have to reflect on the reasons. The main reason is price of ticket is too expensive, out of the China’s situation. At the same time, the high speed train ticket pricing did not confer the right to public participation. The price of high speed train should be placed on a platform which most people can touch, so that active public participation.
Also, referencing to foreign experience is a good way. Like Japan, they have the high speed train many years ago, their national per capita income is higher, so the ticket price is high, but in China, the national per capita income is low, and the price is too high, definitely, there are not too many people by the high speed train. Apparently, controlling the price is a way to change this situation.


April 14, 2010 Posted by | Railway problems | 2 Comments