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The high speed train has low attendances

This mouth, a high speed railway line had to stop business. When these messages go into public eyes, undoubtedly, it sounded the alarm to the emerging high-speed train.
The high speed train is famous for the fast speed and comfortable, but now, with the high speed railway line quite to the transport market, we have to reflect on the reasons. The main reason is price of ticket is too expensive, out of the China’s situation. At the same time, the high speed train ticket pricing did not confer the right to public participation. The price of high speed train should be placed on a platform which most people can touch, so that active public participation.
Also, referencing to foreign experience is a good way. Like Japan, they have the high speed train many years ago, their national per capita income is higher, so the ticket price is high, but in China, the national per capita income is low, and the price is too high, definitely, there are not too many people by the high speed train. Apparently, controlling the price is a way to change this situation.


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High speed train interview

The video is made by myself.
This interview is from a Chinese young man who has experienced the high speed train in China, and his opinions about the train tickets, the discount policy.

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We already have high speed rail, we don’t need maglev

The picture is the maglev in Shanghai (from city center to international airport).
The original picture has got the permission from Zhang Zhikun, and edited by myself, took by Zhang Zhikun.

I read a news about maglev recently, the reason that I interested in this news, because I know it is very expensive to built a maglev line, and I heard the maglev line in Shanghai need huge maintenance costs, at the same time, it is in a situation of losing money every year. Lately, the principal of Chinese Ministry Railways said: “Shanghai to Hangzhou maglev project has been approved.” We all know the railway in China belongs to the government, so they made decision; there are no other railway companies to say their opinions. Definitely, the speed of maglev is fast, it is really convenient, but is it the appropriate to build this maglev? They need a careful consideration.
Undeniable, Shanghai and Hangzhou all are two important cities in China, reducing the time from Shanghai to Hangzhou is good for the development of economy, the less time we use, the more benefits we get. But, there is already a high speed railway from Shanghai to Hangzhou; it costs around 48 minutes during the entire journey, if it becomes the maglev, it is going to cost 38 minutes, so compare with the high speeds railway, the maglev save 10minutes for passengers. For this 10 minutes, the government plan to invest 2.2billion pounds in this project. Some people probably the completion of maglev marks the Chinese railway will enter a new stage. It may well be asked; Is it really mean that? Is it worth?
During the transportation around annual Chinese News, there are still lots of people can not go back home, they can reunite with their families, because of not enough train tickets. A growing number of high speed trains start operating, but the problems of Spring Move have not resolved as before. Why the Ministry of Railways does not want to use some of the money to make this situation better, to consider the problems of national people, they are only interested in giving more convinces to the citizens in these two cities. Also, I do not think most people would like spend much more money on saving 10 minutes.

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High speed Railway High price

The original picture has got the permission, it took by Susan, and edited by myself.

During the Chinese New Year, missing family likes a thin train ticket. I am in here, the hometown is there. Over the years, a train ticket represents endless emotion. Lots of people stand in the strange city’s train station for a long time, the purpose is same and simple, and they just need the train tickets from here to their hometown. The ability of traditional rail network can not satisfy all of them. Today in China, the high-speed railway line finished one by one. “High Speed Rail Era” reduces the most time from one city to the other city. At same time, the high price beyond the normal people’s holding capability.
When we are waiting for the coming of high-speed railway, we hope it will bring the convenience to us, but the high price broke our beautiful dream; few years ago, we said “by train like by bus” because of high-speed railway, but it seems impossible now, buses still have cheap ticker, flexible line, but for high speed railway, we have no choice. This high-speed railway is to alleviate the current capacity of China’s serious shortage of railway operations problems, the foothold always on people’s livelihood, it is not only for reducing the time, fixing the problems of low capacity, it should think more about the capacity of normal people. Many people still live in the bottom of our society, their lives are not easy, why make their backing way more expensive?
There is a question, how can we trust our expectation on such a high railway price.

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The most important high Railway line in China-Beijing to Shanghai

This is the google map which is the high Railway line from Beijing to Shanghai

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Is it necessary to cost 280 million pounds?

I have got the permission, it took by Zhang Zhikun, it was edited by me.
The Massive Earthquake happened in China in 2008, which damaged almost everything in the places. After that, the local government made a plan about rebuilding an archaized architecture.

Normally, there is no reason to blame on maintaining historical and cultural monuments, or protecting historical and cultural heritage. But, the problem is 280 million pounds are not a small sum of investment, is it worth? For the post-disaster reconstruction, especially infrastructure, human development, all need financial input. On the one hand, it is too early to create “the ancient city” with 280 million pounds. The other hand, for the study, real thing is the fundamental; the archaized architecture does not have too much meaning. Moreover, there are still many things can not be rebuilt, like the culture elements.

So, the local government ought to go through all-side, do not be dizzy by the immediate interests. It is more meaningful to put the huge amounts of money in the development of people’s livelihood and well-being than the reconstruction of an antique city.

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Have a safe trip to home

Chinese New Year is approaching, there are one million Chinese farmers go back to home by motorcycles. These farmers from different places in China, they work in Guangdong province. I think most people will be moved. This strength is from missing home, their families are waiting for them, because during the 365 days of one year, most time they are busy running about making money, the purpose is enjoying these few days.

 They tired of the city’s hullabaloo, they just want to go back home, and enjoy the happy from family love. Their lives in city are really difficult, normal people can not image that. When we only know this reason, we can understand how difficult the 1 million famers are. There is a kind of insistence in their blood; a force can defeat any troubles. When they in the cold winner by motorcycles, it is not romance, it is helpless. The carrying capacity of trains and cars is not sufficient to fully play the aspirations of the people’s returning home. There are not enough train tickets for them during this special time. Perhaps, we can not remember each face of them, but we can understand these people’s aspiration.

The story from their experience wake up the government and citizen, do not forget the farmers, they are the fundamental element of our country, we should care more about them, the society would be greater. 

Reference: the original news resource from website:

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Train tickets become real name system. Who facilitated?

I edited this picture, and the orginal picture is mine.
Recently, there are some large train stations in China start checking real name train tickets. The reason of launching this policy is going to stop the ticket scalper. But, during the probation, is it useful? There are still many concerns about this policy. For example, operational costs are rising; the passengers will wait for a long time; if the passengers forget their ID card, how can they do? And the most important thing is during the probation, many people still can not obtain their tickets. Because there are still some pertinacious ticket scalpers in many train stations, they have close relationship with station staff, so they understand how the tickets are going on.

The root cause is improving railway services and internal management level. Relevant departments attach importance to how to find the behind operator and block their way. Also increasing transparency and openness is necessary to resolve the problem of buying tickets.

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Behind the changing stationmaster

Reference: original picture from website: This website allow to use their pictures, and noted from their website. I edited it.
The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the west. So before the Spring Festival, most Chinese will go back to their hometown, because the large population, this period time will be the most difficult days for China’s national Railways Bureau.

 The Guangdong province in China has the largest floating population; there is a controversial issue happened in a railway station of this province. Maybe, some foreign people do not know the windows of some trains can be opened in China, and that day, the train stopped just for 4 minutes, but there are more than 1500 passengers, so the trainmen helped some passengers to get in the train from windows. After this, the pictures about this phenomenon appeared on internet and become very popular, unfortunately the stationmaster was removed.

 This is about human nature challenge the system. Most net friends thought this treatment is unfair to the stationmaster. It is really not easy to get on the train during this special time, the trainmen help the passengers is reasonable. But the Superior Organization thought that was very dangerous, this picture reflected the preparatory work was not good enough.

 Even you have the ticket; you still can not get in the train. Actually, it is not as easy as we see, it is the problem of the system, changing the stationmaster can not change this situation; the important thing is how to give passengers enough time to get in the train. The leaders probably are very sensitive to the public opinion, when they saw the news on internet they immediately feel nervous, however they do not very care about there are many passengers get in the train from windows every year. This image tell us, the way of thousands of passengers going back home is so difficult.

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