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Why do most Chinese people look like so anxious?

Some people say that people today value time, race against time; but I see there are filled with a kind of anxiety.
The anxiety from Ordinary people, like anxiety of study; anxiety of employment; anxiety of interpersonal relation; anxiety of the house price.
Because of anxiety, the new nouns of “house slaves”, “car slaves”, “child slaves” enriched the modern Chinese vocabulary constantly. Some people have the house, they feel anxiety for the villas; some people have a car, they feel anxiety for the top cars; some people have become the millionaires, they feel anxiety for the billionaires.
In today’s competitive society, life becomes stressful. Even more, many people are concerned about the status and wealth too much. Money equals happiness. This is an anxiety permeates in the whole Chinese society.


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Oh, my English abbreviations

I have said before, the Press in China have received notify from relevant departments, which is avoiding to use English abbreviations during the report. The so called “relevant departments” really have a big power, we want to know the scope of prohibiting using of English abbreviations, this involves a way to speak and write.
It is said we live in a legal society, but we do not understand why the notify of relevant departments has such a magical power. Language is the phenomenon of mass culture, the English abbreviation itself has become the source of modern Chinese vocabulary. Shielding English abbreviations, what is the basis in the relevant legal?
Language need to be standardized, which is no doubt, but the language is the most active cultural phenomena, and social life is all presented in the language directly. Communication language, the first requirement is not standard; it is efficient and easy to understand. English abbreviations become the general term, sometime it is difficult to translate into Chinese. For instance, if some foreign singers go to China, they must have Chinese names? Or not, their fans can not say their names?

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Focus on China’s education through a Chinese young writer

This picture is edited and drawn by myself.

The influence of Chinese writer named Han Han is larger than many professors in the universities. The China’s universities only open to attract the involvement of external factors; they can truly achieve academic freedom, and break the plight of education. So far, administration has intervened academic too much.
China need has some new universities which has different system of education and operation, truly become academic freedom. Also, the problem has become the focus of employment of university graduates; all these stuff will promote the reform of university education in China. Students should learn three things from university, how to read; how to think; and how to be a useful person. Today, most intellectuals do not have enough power to influence the public. There also is a factor about government policy. Students should learn three things from university, how to read; how to think; how to be a useful person.
Like the young writer said, his article can express people’s aspirations, but the influence is shadowy and powerless. In China, the influence always is power, is the government officials who play tricks. He is the little guy stands on this stage, but they own this theater. They can let this scene came to an end, turn off the light, cut off gates in any time. He just hope these government officials treat their influence kindly, and the other people on this stage are going to try to demolish the surrounded high walls and the light bulbs, at that time, when the bright sunshine come in, that light will never be put out by anyone.

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A Chinese young writer’s influence

American “Time” magazine has launched its annual 100 “world’s most influential characters”, and announced the list of 200 candidates. There is a highlight, a Chinese young writer named Han Han also in this list, and he is in number 13. This writer became one of the most popular writer in China after his first novel which is based on his school drop-out experience; same time, he stimulated the debate on quality education throughout the country. Also, he is a race car driver, the blog is written by him mock cultural dissonance and the incompetent government officials, deeply loved by net friends. One year ago, he became the China’s most popular bloggers.
He said, he would like to break the rules of the market, to raise the price for China’s cultural market. Chinese people who create the culture are so poor; we do not have face to say our country is a great country of culture. He changes the contemporary’s enthusiasm and confusion into a clear logical thinking and sharp words. He is smart, sharp, and filled with passion. Internet users called him as “an outstanding representative of a Chinese scholar, a symbol of an era.” He said, he just as a citizen expresses his views and opinions on social issues.
So far, Han Han is in the number 13 of the list of 200 candidates, I agree his votes came from his fans in China, because foreign people almost do not know him, so his just has a big influence in China, also he really has a big influence in China indeed. I hope after this election, more and more foreign people can touch his ideas, his ideas are different from the press, I hope his influence is going to cross over China.

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High speed train interview

The video is made by myself.
This interview is from a Chinese young man who has experienced the high speed train in China, and his opinions about the train tickets, the discount policy.

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Shielding the English abbreviations

The picture is drawn and edited by myself
At present, the relevant government department issued a notice in China, the content is about during the interviewing or news reporting, the journalists and the reporters do not use English abbreviations, for example, GDP, WTO, NBA. If under special circumstances, it is necessary to add China explanation after the English abbreviations.
This action really make people feel confused, the words like NBA, F1, GDP, CPI, are all conventional grammar habits, they are all within the scope of normal using. Moreover, these most common abbreviations have been accepted by the public, they are also ubiquitous in everyday life. Why do not allow appearing in television programs as well?
It is reasonable to explain some unacquainted abbreviations, because they have strong professional, most ordinary people do not understand the meaning. But, for the widely using abbreviations, it is not necessary to block up. Public are familiar with these words, if translate in Chinese, it is going to inconvenient. One side, the department said our program should in line with international standards; the other side, they started to block the English abbreviations.
If so, the department should treat equally, CCTV also is an abbreviation, Should shield it?

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The drought in Southwest, lacking most is the water?

The big drought in southwest of China, many people even do not water to drink. So, some people began to call for donations. There are a variety of activities. I still have doubt, what kind of things are we sorely lacking?
First, if our country does not have enough money, we have to make contribution, but I have not found our country in short of money.
The maglev investment about 2 billion pounds; China’s Trade Union spent 650 thousand pounds on changing website; the government’s cars costs a huge money each year. Originally, the State or the local governments are so rich, why they do not have money to build the road and water facilities.
Actually, we definitely like to donate, but we fear that we donate 100 pounds, that will help the government to save 100 pounds, and the saved money will used in the disaster victims or not?
In some cities of the southwest, there are still enough water, the car wash shop, bath center are all still in business. Should they do something to the village people who do not have water to drink?
One side, the National people are called to donate money or goods, other side, some citizens in southwest still do not understand to save water.
We do not lack of water, we lack of equal. The disaster is not only drought, also is investment imbalance, long-term neglecting farmers and vulnerable groups.

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Looking for China Under 500 meters of the Mine shaft

The continuously mining accidents occurred in China in recent days have stung the hearts of every Chinese. When we pray for good luck to the trapped miners, the time also is running. However, the continuous occurrence of mining mishap still proved one thing, that is, when we confidently enjoy the fruits of economic development, while in the depths of 500 meters under our feet is still a place which is waiting for salvation.
China does not lack the development of beautiful figures. A developing country’s rapid economic development, China is undoubtedly compelling. High rapid economic development, updating of software and hardware facilities make so many people surprised. But behind these beautiful figures, contained not only the wisdom from high buildings, also there is the coal miners’ sweat in the depth of 500 meters underground, even their lives.
So, when the mining accidents occurred, it is the pollution in China’s development, it is the explosion of China’s economic growth; it is the big challenge of China’s national image. Behind these challenges, it directed to the imbalance of development structure in China’s economy, some areas only pay attention to economic development; some enterprises ignore fundamental due process in order to make profits. In the past about many industrial accidents, the companies always in pursuit of profits, ignoring basic safety of miners is also an indisputable fact.
In the depths of 500 meters underground, we can still find a China. This China is not glamorous; this China does not have tall buildings, Starbucks and luxury goods. Here only the sweat of the workers and the care of their families, but here is still very important. Because it is vital to China’s rapid development; it is the headstream of the lighting, heating and electronic power. So here is a China, a more realistic China.
Always questioned, why we can not stop the mining accidents? The same is true facts, the State published a series of management measures, and the results are still bad, mining accidents always occurred. Subjectively speaking, lacking of supervision must exist; but objectively speaking, a developing country focus on result too must, so lose sight of process. Today, we really need go to depths of 500 meters underground, and look for a still existed China, which also required many helps.

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Who is responsible for the Mining Mishap

The picture is drew and edited by myself.

Shan xi is province famous for coal-producing, but mining mishap happened more frequent. In the last ten years, more than 50,000 people died in the mining mishap. Frequent mining accidents in China, what is the true reason of this big problem? I think we are lack of respecting of life, lack of basic human care, lack of the genuine rule of law, lack of the real effective monitoring system.
“Collusion between local government and mine owners” is already a wide dimensions and very complex social issues, because under the protection of power, the mine owners chase short-term interests, they do not care the minimum safety standards in order to satisfy their selfish. First is corruption, second is relaxed enforcement. Solve the real problems, miners can see the hopes in their lives, the community is going to harmony. The important thing is to establish a comprehensive monitoring operation mechanism and accountability system.

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Let everyone all has a “background”

There is a thing happened in China, A driver assaulted a student, because of the student scratched his car, so the local Security Bureau decided to detain this driver for 15 days. After this, the internet users made many comments. Most is about talking the student’s “background”, so people said: “the student might have a quite powerful background, if the student is a child of migrant worker, the result is totally different.” We do not discuss the student whether has a background or not, however this question is here, we have to say this is a sad thing, it is a big problem of the community’s fair.
Meanwhile, the society has quietly changed; the age of digital media has been coming. Advances in communication technology bring the convenience of communication to people, also change the ways of people participate in social life and public events. The popularity of mobile camera recording and the development of micro blog so that people can easily post their own story and feeling on internet, and let the whole community concern or evaluate. Each micro blog citizen all can pick their tools in their hand (mobile phones, cameras, video cameras), and surprise the dark corner of every city, town and rural area, make all the darkness and injustice reveal to the world.
This change break the communication barriers in the past, the internet gathered many users’ eyes, so it has become a sunshine land of transforming the society. Now, increasing number of people participate in social transformation through the internet. From this point of view, each of us has a “background”, which is the Internet.

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