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Different kind of Earthquake donations

Disasters bring everyone in extreme pain, disasters do not have love, but people have love. So after the disaster, other people should do something to help the affected people, after the earthquake in west of China, the China Central Television held a Fund-raising party, we can see from the evening party, many people made their contribution to the affected area. But, during part, there are still some inharmonious things.
Firstly, the final goals of some companies are not for the donation, actually is promoting themselves. They use a smart business plan to show their “selfless” love.
Then, some media made the donations list; the action gives much pressure to some companies. Furthermore, the internet users pay more attention on the donations list; they talked too much about the number of donations from someone or some companies.
In my opinion, social responsibility is not charity. In the earthquake disaster, we can see a lot of corporations’ contributions, it is their social responsibility. The donation should be honesty; they do not hype themselves based on the charity. Do not contribute because of advertising effect. No matter how much the number of contributions, this time we need sincerity, need love.


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Frequent disasters test Charity system

Recent years, the natural disasters happened very frequently in China; for example, the snow disaster, the damaged earthquake, the serious drought. So these disasters asked this country must have a good charity system.
The earthquake happened in Qinghai province few days ago, after that, government do not want to launch a national donation. Because Qinghai province near by Tibet, so it has a high altitude, it is difficult to use some transportations.
Also, like the earthquake happened in Sichuan in 2008, after that, too much special funds for rebuilding the affected areas are used in different ways. So the Chinese charity agencies have not played an effective role. Transparent and efficient charitable organizations can make public have confidence on the charitable organisation. Charity should return to public one step by one step. When the disaster bring the trauma and huge economic losses to people, in the meantime, we probably look for the loopholes of the rescue and donation through the disaster, in order to explore a better system of modern charity, so that make modern charity improve a little, make the disaster losses reduce a little.

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No choice for donation

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There are more than 2,000 teachers in a city of China have to use their salary as donation. The local government organizes teachers to contribute the donation, and use it to help the people in financial difficulties, this purpose is good, but the process can not be adopted. Some people need help; the whole society should provide assistance. The government helps the people in difficult, they just like a bridge; they can not ask the teachers to donate by the power.

Actually, government has many ways to help the needy people. Government can improve the social security system, and expand the protecting coverage. Through this system, the fundamental rights of people in financial difficulties to be guaranteed. But some local government does not want to spend money on this, also they do not know how to establish non-governmental charitable organization, so they use to make a fund-raising system, and ask the people to donate. Today, charities have a common feature that is voluntary principle. Only this charitable based on voluntary can develop a philanthropic culture.

We know, the government has many places to use money, but helping the needy people is a government’s duty. Sometime, behind the donation, it really is naked power and force.

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