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How did it happen!

I drew this picture, and I edited it.
I read news on “China Economic Times”, it said, in Shanxi province in China, nearly one hundred children after vaccinating, they died or became disabled.
It is so indignant to read such news, what causes this large mistake during the strictly process, product, storage, transportation. I got some information from the report; the reason is an individual company’s managed the supply authority of vaccine in the whole province, and the company use a false name to run their business, also they are disqualified from selling vaccine. The more ridiculous thing is the company and relevant department all refused the journalist,
Is the death or disability because of vaccine? It probably difficult to distinguish the result quickly, it involves epidemiological and product quality. But we all focus on these children; we do not hope this fact was covered.
There are still a series of questions. Without the permission, how does the company run their business so successful? How can the company use a false name for a long time? Where is the Quality Supervision Department? If these things are true, obviously, this is collusion between the company and government. Without the effective system, money distorts the public properties of public health.
Children are the vaccinated main part, injuring on children is not allowed in any societies, this is an ethical bottom line, especially for public healthy agencies. At the same, we believe, the investigation about this accident will be responsible for whole society, telling the truth to public.


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The True Voice

I drew the picture and edited it.
The National People’s congress and The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference are a place for listening the voice from Chinese people; the two conferences are the platform for attaching importance to people’s opinions. Compare with before, the two conferences in this year look like different, they pay more attention on the public topics, like health care reform, education reform, social distribution of wealth, house prices are too high, these things are all in a high degree of social concern. We can see that the public’s concern has become increasingly clear argument, this kind of argument direct people to a deeper and broader thinking.

For example, the house prices are raising so fast, a representative said: “on the current situation, higher prices are not an urgent problem, we are afraid of low-income families do not have the affordable housing.” Public would like to see the representatives touch more hot issues; they also want to see more responds to the issues.

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