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Loving our pets -the spring of dogs and cats in China

Dogs and cats are friends of human beings. Usually, they are regarded as the member of our family. But, in some places of China, the people like eating dogs. The habit of eating dogs has been continued for thousands of years in China, it is impossible to stop eating dogs and cats immediately. However, the good thing is China plan to legislate eating dogs and cats. The civilization of human beings is developing, more and more people realize that is our duty to protect animals. In recent years, some animal protection groups intercept the trucks which deliver the live dogs and cats. When this news came out, many Chinese took to the street and appeal to stop eating dogs and cats. Definitely, we hope this law will be promulgated as quickly, but this action still is mandatory and passive, the final goal is cultivating Chinese people’s mind by protecting animals. In the long run, the law is not enough; I think teaching this behaviour from kids and improving the quality of the people is very important. Start protecting dogs and cats from ourselves.


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When I talk about China, most foreign friends are associated with The Great Wall, the Kung Fu. I would like to talk about China in another way, the politics. I am going to mainly focus on three parts; there are environment, economy and education. China is an old country, because it has five thousand years history; also China is a new country, because The People’s Republic of China was established only for 60 years. China still is a developing country. The Communist Party of China is the ruling party.

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