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Different kind of Earthquake donations

Disasters bring everyone in extreme pain, disasters do not have love, but people have love. So after the disaster, other people should do something to help the affected people, after the earthquake in west of China, the China Central Television held a Fund-raising party, we can see from the evening party, many people made their contribution to the affected area. But, during part, there are still some inharmonious things.
Firstly, the final goals of some companies are not for the donation, actually is promoting themselves. They use a smart business plan to show their “selfless” love.
Then, some media made the donations list; the action gives much pressure to some companies. Furthermore, the internet users pay more attention on the donations list; they talked too much about the number of donations from someone or some companies.
In my opinion, social responsibility is not charity. In the earthquake disaster, we can see a lot of corporations’ contributions, it is their social responsibility. The donation should be honesty; they do not hype themselves based on the charity. Do not contribute because of advertising effect. No matter how much the number of contributions, this time we need sincerity, need love.


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A famous city in China, Xi’an

This video is made by myself.
The pictures have got the permission, took by Susan.
Xi’an is the capital of Shanxi province, today;
Xi’an was teh capital of Qin Dynasty.
This city have both Ancient culture and modern culture;
This city has a long history.

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