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Concerned about “ant tribe”

I drew this picture and edited it.
There is a group of people what are called “ant tribe”, the reason is most of them were born after 1980, and they lived in rural area before they went to university in big cities, such as Beijing. They came to Beijing in order to come true their dreams. In brief, they are the “inhabited by groups of low-income college graduates,” they are highly educated, but they are unemployed or underemployed. During the day, they engaged in unstable job; at night, they lived in outskirt. They have many similar characteristics with ants, for example, high intelligence, small and weak, living in groups. Because they are hometown in village, it is really hard for them to find room in this high price housing society. They do not have background; they do not have too much money, usually, six or seven people live in one small room, their lives are tough, they also need care from society, they need available policy from government. Some people asked: “why do not they go back their hometown.” There is a simple answer, they came to universities, and their courses are mainly about international business, electronic program, management, what should they do when they go back village? The higher education brought knowledge, skills and interpersonal capabilities, but for “ant tribe”, the higher education only means a piece of paper.


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