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A great foreign volunteer in a Chinese poor village

This picture is from Susan, it has got her permission and was edited by myself.
“The things I should do in this life, I have done, if I died today, I would not have regrets.” These words said by a German volunteer, his Chinese name is Lu Anke. His students said: “we will never forget him, never.” He has been in this small village for more than ten years.
Lu Anke was a German student who came to China for studying. After he graduating from university, he decided to be English in China, but he gave up good conditions in some rich places, he came to a very poor village which faraway from the cities. He refused the salary from the school; he makes money from helping people to translate the book into different languages. And he contribute all the money which is he earned to the charitable organization. His life relies on the 500 pounds from his parents every year. When other people asked him, you really do not like the material? He said: “I have found something is more important than that.” Yes, it is. He gave up a good job, his love, his entertainment, and a good life, finally, he came to here, help these kids who do not have any relationship to him before. He teaches music, art, English to these kids. The most important is he teaches the rules of life to his students. Because their parents all go to big cities to be a worker, they have to make money, so they leave their children in hometown, without home education, these kids look like wild, so Lu Anke teach them mutual cooperation.
After watching his story, I really was moved, the words I only can say is he is great. An ordinary foreign friend has been doing an extraordinary thing. Nowadays, most local governments only pay their attention to develop economy, to attract the investment; they ignore these people, and their lives. Many young people are crazy for living in large cities, why do not stop and think for a while? Why we can not put helping these people in our life plan? Is this the mistake of our education or our material society or too selfish us? A foreign can help the children in village without asking for anything, look at ourselves and ask us how many things we have done?

I do not have this guy’s photo, but I link a website about him.


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