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Our earth was turned on vibration?

Concerned about the Chinese charity by the earthquake
Two days ago, an earthquake happened in northwest of China. The Chinese action movie star Jet Li launched an emergency rescues plan by charity agency, the first relief materials have been sent to disaster area. Why did not donate these materials to the China Charity Federation? We do not know the reason, but we can see his organisation’s relief materials have been in the disaster area, the speed is fast.
It is a fact we have to say, there is not a law of charity in China; the implementation process of Charity is not enough transparent, also efficiency need to be improved; people are lack of charitable culture. And compare to developed countries, there still is a large gap. Most companies in China have not fulfilled the charitable obligations. Because of occupying more social resources, the rich have a stronger voice, but in think some rich people in China did not realize that. The strength of promoting the continuous development of charitable cultural includes both national policy and social support.


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The drought in Southwest, lacking most is the water?

The big drought in southwest of China, many people even do not water to drink. So, some people began to call for donations. There are a variety of activities. I still have doubt, what kind of things are we sorely lacking?
First, if our country does not have enough money, we have to make contribution, but I have not found our country in short of money.
The maglev investment about 2 billion pounds; China’s Trade Union spent 650 thousand pounds on changing website; the government’s cars costs a huge money each year. Originally, the State or the local governments are so rich, why they do not have money to build the road and water facilities.
Actually, we definitely like to donate, but we fear that we donate 100 pounds, that will help the government to save 100 pounds, and the saved money will used in the disaster victims or not?
In some cities of the southwest, there are still enough water, the car wash shop, bath center are all still in business. Should they do something to the village people who do not have water to drink?
One side, the National people are called to donate money or goods, other side, some citizens in southwest still do not understand to save water.
We do not lack of water, we lack of equal. The disaster is not only drought, also is investment imbalance, long-term neglecting farmers and vulnerable groups.

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Natural disasters or man-made disasters?

This year’s spring for most Chinese people is difficult. Few days ago, the dust storm attacked half of China, especially for the northwest of China. But, after that, the more difficult thing is continuously drought in five provinces in southwest of China recently. There are too much news happened during this disaster.
A 42 years old man sacrifices his life for searching water;
14 elderly knees down in order to ask the local government build a way to their village. What is the reason? Because, 4 years ago, they had paid the money to the local government for building the way; because they live in the mountains, and the mountain road is not wide enough, so the delivering water trucks can not reach their village directly, they have to walk 24 kilometers for getting water every day.
The lakes and well which local people live by have all dried up. Because of drought, the crops failed, the villagers will face shortage of food risks. Today, cleaning face and taking shower become a luxury. Even more, they do not have enough drinking water.
There are many factors lead to this situation, for example the government’s usual policies are not good enough; the local people probably focus on immediate interests and neglect the environment; the dry weather, it does not rain for a long time; also some people questioned, the water conservancy facilities are inadequate. Whatever, the local government should ensure the daily life of residents firstly.
Now, words can not render a true picture, the only way is the real photos, when you see the photos, that is only way to touch your soul deeply. Because of copyright, I can not post the relevant pictures on my blog, but I will link the relevant websites on my blog, you also can see the pictures.

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