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Looking for China Under 500 meters of the Mine shaft

The continuously mining accidents occurred in China in recent days have stung the hearts of every Chinese. When we pray for good luck to the trapped miners, the time also is running. However, the continuous occurrence of mining mishap still proved one thing, that is, when we confidently enjoy the fruits of economic development, while in the depths of 500 meters under our feet is still a place which is waiting for salvation.
China does not lack the development of beautiful figures. A developing country’s rapid economic development, China is undoubtedly compelling. High rapid economic development, updating of software and hardware facilities make so many people surprised. But behind these beautiful figures, contained not only the wisdom from high buildings, also there is the coal miners’ sweat in the depth of 500 meters underground, even their lives.
So, when the mining accidents occurred, it is the pollution in China’s development, it is the explosion of China’s economic growth; it is the big challenge of China’s national image. Behind these challenges, it directed to the imbalance of development structure in China’s economy, some areas only pay attention to economic development; some enterprises ignore fundamental due process in order to make profits. In the past about many industrial accidents, the companies always in pursuit of profits, ignoring basic safety of miners is also an indisputable fact.
In the depths of 500 meters underground, we can still find a China. This China is not glamorous; this China does not have tall buildings, Starbucks and luxury goods. Here only the sweat of the workers and the care of their families, but here is still very important. Because it is vital to China’s rapid development; it is the headstream of the lighting, heating and electronic power. So here is a China, a more realistic China.
Always questioned, why we can not stop the mining accidents? The same is true facts, the State published a series of management measures, and the results are still bad, mining accidents always occurred. Subjectively speaking, lacking of supervision must exist; but objectively speaking, a developing country focus on result too must, so lose sight of process. Today, we really need go to depths of 500 meters underground, and look for a still existed China, which also required many helps.


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Who is responsible for the Mining Mishap

The picture is drew and edited by myself.

Shan xi is province famous for coal-producing, but mining mishap happened more frequent. In the last ten years, more than 50,000 people died in the mining mishap. Frequent mining accidents in China, what is the true reason of this big problem? I think we are lack of respecting of life, lack of basic human care, lack of the genuine rule of law, lack of the real effective monitoring system.
“Collusion between local government and mine owners” is already a wide dimensions and very complex social issues, because under the protection of power, the mine owners chase short-term interests, they do not care the minimum safety standards in order to satisfy their selfish. First is corruption, second is relaxed enforcement. Solve the real problems, miners can see the hopes in their lives, the community is going to harmony. The important thing is to establish a comprehensive monitoring operation mechanism and accountability system.

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