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It’s time to focus on Dust storm

This picture is the dust storm in my hometown.
it took by Zhang Zhikun, I have got his permission.

Throughout the ages, a reference to the spring, we first think of green grass and trees, eventually we will have a vibrant scene in our mind. But these days, the weather reports in China all about the heavy dust storm, and there is too much news about dust storm, like the economic loss, environmental damage because of dust storm. I grew up in the northwest of China, that is a place always be hit by dust storm, so I understand it so deep. Two days before, a friend joked, he said: “I want to write a proposal to the government, we should have a holiday about avoiding the dust storm every year.” I said with a smile: “I am so lucky, I have been in a country without dust storm, and the environment of here is very good.” Joking aside, after all, I still will go back home, I still have to face to the dust storm. When the dust storm comes, the city suddenly under the dark.
In the northwest of China, soil erosion is very serious, much more serious is inappropriate human activities, for instance, the unrestricted cultivation and grazing, destruction of forests, digging grass, so that the ground lost their protective coating. In modern society, the scale and intensity of human activity lead to the natural environment in a state of extreme stress.
It is difficult to eradicate dust storms, especially, in China, such a large population country, and there is majority population in countryside. But we can do our best to control the deterioration of dust storms. Also, the government ought to establish a special construction fund for managing the dust storm. Poverty is the biggest obstacle for carrying out ecological construction and government increased investment in agriculture, support captive animals. The environment sacrifices for economic development, so the government should increase scientific and technological input. Finally, it is necessary to launch the relevant laws to help this process.
Today, realizing the bad influence of dust storm is very urgent, it is not only for Chinese people, it is for all human being; it is not only about dust storm, it is about the world environment. Protect environment, protect ourselves.


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“Litter is a misplaced resource”

I have got the permission, it took by Susan, it was edited by me.
Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important. Our traditional economy is one-way mode, so it results in the deterioration of our environment, fewer and fewer resources, more and more pollutants, over time it must become the environment crisis. Now, the Chinese government ought to advocate the circular economy, it is a way about there is no waste; the waste will become renewable resource, recycled products.

The garbage disposal in China, the only way out is classification and recovery. Mentioned a difficulty in here, when we talk about the garbage classification, some government officials thought it is difficult to do. In my opinion, there are two real difficulties; one is the technical difficulties, processing technology, and the other is cost. Actually, the garbage disposal has been placed in secondary position of the government’s public service. Perhaps the officer will pay attention on it until the dustbins in which the offices become the time bomb, I joked. Today, I think it has become a time bomb; it has aroused people’s attention. The key thing is improving the environmental awareness.

I heard some volunteers are studying how to separate garbage, recycle garbage, they are promising, but they still have some problems, they do not have enough money, they need government’s aid. In today, the water, air and soil are completely different from the past, it is necessary to enhance environmental awareness and improve environmental concepts for everyone. There is only one earth, there is only atmosphere. Using the new concept of environment development protects our environment.

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