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Petitioners were sent to mental hospital by the police

This picture is edited and drawn by myself.

After The People’s Congress in this year, the topic about normal people’s dignity became so popular. Some officials did the bad things which are harmful to public; some officials use violent ways to demolish public’s house. These things are all got high concerns. However, nowadays, these things still happened.
In a not very big city of China, some workers from a company went to the higher authorities for help, because of the corruption issues, but during the Petition process, no one answer them, even more, petitioners were taken away by police, “the leaders” were detained; moreover, other two photographers who are not the petitioners are sent to the mental hospital by police.
When the police have a newly diagnosed mental illness qualified to judge the two photographers should be sent to a mental hospital? Also, taking photo is not violent; the people still need to send a mental hospital by the police directly?


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Why do most Chinese people look like so anxious?

Some people say that people today value time, race against time; but I see there are filled with a kind of anxiety.
The anxiety from Ordinary people, like anxiety of study; anxiety of employment; anxiety of interpersonal relation; anxiety of the house price.
Because of anxiety, the new nouns of “house slaves”, “car slaves”, “child slaves” enriched the modern Chinese vocabulary constantly. Some people have the house, they feel anxiety for the villas; some people have a car, they feel anxiety for the top cars; some people have become the millionaires, they feel anxiety for the billionaires.
In today’s competitive society, life becomes stressful. Even more, many people are concerned about the status and wealth too much. Money equals happiness. This is an anxiety permeates in the whole Chinese society.

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Oh, my English abbreviations

I have said before, the Press in China have received notify from relevant departments, which is avoiding to use English abbreviations during the report. The so called “relevant departments” really have a big power, we want to know the scope of prohibiting using of English abbreviations, this involves a way to speak and write.
It is said we live in a legal society, but we do not understand why the notify of relevant departments has such a magical power. Language is the phenomenon of mass culture, the English abbreviation itself has become the source of modern Chinese vocabulary. Shielding English abbreviations, what is the basis in the relevant legal?
Language need to be standardized, which is no doubt, but the language is the most active cultural phenomena, and social life is all presented in the language directly. Communication language, the first requirement is not standard; it is efficient and easy to understand. English abbreviations become the general term, sometime it is difficult to translate into Chinese. For instance, if some foreign singers go to China, they must have Chinese names? Or not, their fans can not say their names?

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