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Frequent disasters test Charity system

Recent years, the natural disasters happened very frequently in China; for example, the snow disaster, the damaged earthquake, the serious drought. So these disasters asked this country must have a good charity system.
The earthquake happened in Qinghai province few days ago, after that, government do not want to launch a national donation. Because Qinghai province near by Tibet, so it has a high altitude, it is difficult to use some transportations.
Also, like the earthquake happened in Sichuan in 2008, after that, too much special funds for rebuilding the affected areas are used in different ways. So the Chinese charity agencies have not played an effective role. Transparent and efficient charitable organizations can make public have confidence on the charitable organisation. Charity should return to public one step by one step. When the disaster bring the trauma and huge economic losses to people, in the meantime, we probably look for the loopholes of the rescue and donation through the disaster, in order to explore a better system of modern charity, so that make modern charity improve a little, make the disaster losses reduce a little.


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An Interview about Beijing Impression

This video is made by myself.
This is a video about interviewing an English people who has been to Beijing and Shenzhen before. He thought the prices of transportation and food are cheap in Beijing.

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